Thank you for your kind words! 

Jan 2016   re:  Chiles en Nogada

Thank you so much for Wednesday’s class. We had such a good time and learned so much. After leaving your home we went straight out and bought a ‘malcontent’ from Cristaleria Guadalajara (in LaPenita). Now, how do we season it, please.    Kind regards,


Here are past kudo’s from when Debra had Casa Cooking Classes with Betty as Chef. It is a little ‘taste’ of what is in store for you at the new Casa Cooking Classes!  Debra always strived to make each class informative, interesting and just plain fun!  Betty will do the same!

Les and I really enjoyed the class today The cooking classes were so much fun. A chance to meet others in town and a wonderful opportunity to learn about cuisine from the area. My husband was hesitant to attend as he is not a cook, but after the first class, he was hooked (on more than the margaritas ;-)) We have made all of the recipes several times both in Mexico and at home and our guests are wowed! A great mix of interesting students, fabulous surroundings and a very talented cook!  So glad we joined the group. Deb and Glen are the perfect hosts and the ‘Margarita Welcome’ sets the tone for the afternoon.”
Mary & Les
Victoria, Canada  

I loved all our sessions !!!!!!!!!!  Betty was a competent and informed  instructor and kept the class moving at a even pace.  She and Deb took time to answer questions during the demonstrations and above all there is no pressure.   It is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with those who want to share some great traditional recipies and comraderie in a beautiful setting.   Thanks for the  wonderful  experience!!                    Deb  and  Elizabeth,  Dianna B

Deb, remember I told you I made the recipe Betty taught us last year – here is a picture of the results – my boys loved them!  Pat

Looks delicious Pat!   Betty’s Chile Rellenos recipe from our class~ Deb

And a 2013 Update from Pat:

I can hardly wait to get back for Deb and Betty’s cooking classes. They are so much fun and not only do you get new recipes but you also get to meet some really nice people and enjoy a meal together. And Glenn makes the best margaritas in town! See you again in January.  Pat

Thank you so much to you and Betty, Yesenia, and also to Glen for a Wonderful time at the cooking class….. so much information and so well presented…..loved everything and hope to join in on some more…..I learned so much and feel more confident going to the market now…. Hasta pronto,    Deb T

Know how to buy and prepare a “tuna”?   Thinking fish?  Nope!  It’s the fruit of a cactus!  And I didn’t have a clue either until yesterday!   This is only one of the many things that I learned attending the class.  These classes are designed for cooks of all levels.  Whether you have been coming to “Paradise” for many years, are new to the area, or are only here for a short visit, these classes will help make your experience that much more enjoyable.  You will learn how to take advantage of the bountiful foods available here in Paradise and cook like a local!     Marilyn M as quoted in the Jaltemba Jalapeno

We had so much fun at last year’s classes that we’re ready for more! The options this year look so great that I wish we were coming for the whole winter!          Pat A

Debra — I would love to register for the market overview.  I remember our class two years ago discussing a class like this so I’m thrilled to see it here now.  See you soon. Lynda M

A big thank you to you and Betty for such an informative market overview ! I feel so much more confident now in shopping and buying !  A bundle of information to digest and as always such a wonderful margarita to end the day !! You both make all your classes so great and you do a wonderful job of making every single attendee feel so special !  Hope the Casa Cooking Classes all go really well this season !!!  Cheers  Deb T

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